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Elite Direct Primary Care
No more waiting for an hour to see a doctor for five minutes.  At Elite DPC, you'll wait five minutes to see your doctor for an hour.

Technology visits via phone, secure online conference or texts are included in your membership.
Monthly Memberships
Adults Age 39 and Under - $79 per month
Adults Age 40-64 - $97 per month
Children - $25 per month, with parent member
Registration Fees - $125 (Individual) $250 (Family)
No Unexpected or Hidden Fees
5750 Johnston Street
Lafayette, LA 70503
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Clinic Hours
Mon   9am - 5pm
Tue     9am - 5pm
Wed   9am - 5pm
Thu     9am - 5pm
Fri       9am - Noon
Sat by appt.
Sun by appt.
Technology Visits - Direct to Doctor after hours access