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Direct Primary Care- a Solution to Rising Medical Costs

When was the last time you avoided necessary medical care for Fear Of the Big Bill (FOBB) that follows?

One of the biggest barriers to patients taking care of themselves is the cost of care. There is this ambiguity around how much medical services and medications will cost. Layer that with co-pays, the cost of unknown services fees, and the time taken from work to spend hours in a waiting room. This is the current healthcare experience making a simple cholesterol check an overwhelming task.

Direct Primary Care solves this hassle. An entire year of cholesterol medication is less than $7.00 through the Elite DPC clinic. There are no-copay's or deductibles. Patients receive medication and testing at wholesale cost with little to zero wait-time to see their doctor.

What would be different if this was your current healthcare experience?

"In every other industry, we do business with, and we look for, the best products and services at the best prices. Why should it be any different in terms of healthcare? When it comes to healthcare if you're not a DPC member you're already paying too much for worse care and worse access."

- Dr. Creighton Shute DO

If struggling to pay for healthcare, delaying care, or sacrificing care because of cost is your story- it's time to change the narrative. Direct Primary Care is paving the way for better care and better access, for less money.

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