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Elite Direct Primary Care - Freedom in Healthcare for Patient and Physician

Happy Birthday America!

At Elite DPC we celebrate freedom, daily, in our clinic. In Fact, Freedom fuels this practice.

Elite DPC's founding Physician, Dr. Creighton Shute D.O. started Elite DPC following his 10 year service in the military. It was another way to serve in the spirit of freedom.

"I don't know if my overwhelming love of freedom comes from serving in the military or if its a natural part of who I am, but Direct Primary Care provides freedom for both patients and the Doctor. I wouldn't be happy practicing medicine any other way." - Dr. C. Shute D.O.

There are many challenges in today's healthcare system. Many of these challenges are eliminated through Direct Primary Care (DPC). Particularly, those revolving around cost, convenience, and access to a trusted physician.

We maintain that everyBODY deserves exceptional healthcare. Exceptional care is delivered to patients through Direct Primary Care with unlimited access to a physician, no wait-time to see a doctor and the added benefit of up to an hour with a medical provider, as often as desired by the patient. This is INCLUDED in membership.

" Elite DPC affords me the freedom to remove a third party telling me how, when, or where to care for the patients I see. The decision making process is between me and the patients I care for. Its the reason I can provide such amazing access and prices, which ultimately leads to exceptional care, which is the entire reason I became a Family Physician."

- Dr. C. Shute D.O.

Elite Direct Primary Care was started to eliminate barriers between physician and patient. Health Coverage is affordable because our members couple their DPC membership with a high deductible major medical plan for catastrophic and major medical life events, or a medical sharing organization to cut their monthly premium costs 40-60%.

No one is turned away due to pre-existing conditions. Labs are done in-clinic at wholesale. Medication dispensed from the Elite DPC clinic is extended to patients at wholesale cost. Affordable, accessible, and hassle free health care is freedom in healthcare.

Freedom fuels this practice! In the traditional healthcare setting there are hoops, paperwork, and hassles not only for the patient but for the medical providers as well. DPC is an affordable and better way to have a positive doctor-visit experience. DPC affords the physicians the ability to practice medicine putting the care of the patient first, which is how Elite DPC thinks it should be.

More physicians are gravitating toward this model of care because it is individualized, affordable for patients, and leads to less burn-out for family medical providers. Freedom in healthcare looks like a partnership between doctor and patient with no hassles or third parties between.

What are you waiting for?! You deserve freedom in healthcare!

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