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Direct Primary Care Explained

Updated: May 13, 2020

Direct primary care, or DPC, is a growing family medicine business model that has gained popularity in the past decade. Patients pay physicians a monthly membership that covers primary care services, including clinical visits and lab tests, which are received at wholesale cost along with most medications.The doctors opt out of dealing with insurance carriers. This allows the physician to focus more on the patients they treat rather than the satisfying a quota set by insurance companies. DPC fills a gap in current insurance offerings.

And, unlike typical insurance-based models where medical services are billed for separately, DPC physicians have no financial incentive to provide more treatments and tests than necessary.

It is still recommended that individuals carry a major medical insurance policy to cover catastrophic events. This coupled with a DPC membership is affordable, allows better access to a physician with no hidden costs or agendas, and overall, better care for the patient.

At Elite DPC we can direct you to a broker who works with major medical policies and deliver to you exceptional care, without the hassles.

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