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Dr. Shute Saved me from COVID-19

My name is Angela. I am a grateful Elite DPC staff member. I started working with Dr. Shute at Elite right around the time the COVID-19 stay-at-home order reached Louisiana. Previously, the majority of my income came from instructing yoga and working one-on-one with private clients. Like many, I could not earn an income with the mandated gym and studio closures. Thus began my full-time journey with Elite DPC.

I thought Dr. Shute had granted me the blessing of a job. It became much more than that. Dr. Shute gave me hope and purpose in a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

Together, we are inspired and driven to make the world better. I work for a man on a mission to care for people in a way that challenges the status quo.

If he is this great as a boss and mentor, imagine what it would be like to be his patient.

I will leave you with the doc's favorite phrase.

"If you're not fired up, you're doing it wrong!"

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